Derbies 20-39

With these, shirt designs are getting better, and include my first printing with the Pocket FishMan shirt. Sadly, as of Derby 215, this still is my only print at Woot. I guess I peaked early. The Canada design (seal) got my first Honorable Mention in the derbies, and several other designs were almost printed (Imaginary holiday, Sponge Attack, 1969 Moon Landing Hoax).

Imaginary DayIce squirrelIce giraffeBlamestormRoboJuicerJuicer V1DartboardConformity 2Texas UnionYou SuckDripping skullzZoot was hereNightmareQuit Rat Race v2Quit WorkingBob Quits WaitingDesigning ShirtsPocket FishmanFebruariumGears of LeapyearSponge AttackHammy SnorkelTempestEyes in WaterRoboraptorFeline PeeperSkull CranberryBanana PancakesWorld SingWorld in EyesBanana Boat SpiderCurlingCanada SealCanadian MathUnprepared AmericanCanadian KaleidoscopeSpringtime RebellionRude AwakeningApril ShowersBee on the jobKiss of SpringSilent KillerLGBTMmm cookies!ED TreatmentIf I lick it it's mineBaby Getting PaidExpensive lemonadeGreedy BabyFake Moon LandingMan Meets MoonFlight of ConcordeFace Planting GreenNuclear FrogsBetter Row FasterOrange Crash