Derbies 60-79

This series was when I finally hit my design stride. The particularly good derby was the game one, where I had a 4th place with the Mondrian Tetris and a 9th place with the Wii Like an Egyptian. Plus got some Best Losers for various designs, and the LPod continues to be one of my all-time favorites.

Year Dangerous Greendangerously blackDuck soupEraser headUncle SteveCat-astrophe comingBlue light onUF Oh NoDog WalkUdderly CowtacularEscaped ConvictFish as CostumeChicken vs eggMondrian TetrisWiiFit Like An EgyptianEbola virusEagle VirusTater Tot PrideCupcake GluttonyTwinkie GluttonyJimbo PeepCardinal of the KremlinFlyer Flewshirleypancake and waffleMartinisonicalunar linersanta sezkapsul fevrLPodSnow MonkeyAlien Fertilization