Derbies 140-159

Ooh, there are some good ones here too. The Snake shirt inspired me to enter it in a contest that designs toys. And the Psycho shirt was one of my funnest ones to design. Splatter, splatter, splatter! The Slaw and Order shirt was a slogan I considered for Threadless, but was glad I could do the shirt for the derby. And Ceti United is being revised for submission on Threadless. I cam really really close to a DEVO win with the devo DNA tie, but alas, missed by a few, then nobody picked it for a print when they did editors and band choices. Sigh. So some misses, but some hits too.

snakePsychoTofumanoledLEDspring flowersslaw and orderDig DugPandas for peaceCeti UnitedBill ShirtDevo DNADevo InitiativeRomeyolk and JulieggWorking PigeonThree